Kingsley Hall

Creating a spa-like medical facility.


Client – European Scanning Centre

Value - £550,000

Sector – Healthcare


European Scanning Centre were looking for a north west-based fit out contractor to work with on the creation of their new Manchester centre and approached Redbridge based upon a recommendation from their landlord, The Emerson Group.


From the outset, the scheme posed a number of technical issues. The installation of the scanner required the creation of a pit in the existing building slab to facilitate the installation of the scanner. Once pit was formed we had to design and undertake the removal and reinstatement of the gable wall to actually get the scanner into the building.


These structural works were carefully designed and coordinated with the client’s architect and structural engineer to ensure the landlord’s approval for the works.


Once the scanner was finally in place and operational, Redbridge then undertook a full fit out of the space. Working closely with the client and their architect, we helped design and create a modern, comfortable space that resembles a spa more than a medical facility.